Data input (information for the station scientists)

For each station a station scientist is appointed. The station scientist is responsible for the measurements and for the data quality. For each month the station scientist produces a station-to-archive file according to the regulations of the Opens external link in new windowUpdate of the Technical Plan for BSRN Data Management.

It is recommended to produce these files in an UNIX environment. If not possible, special care has to be taken to terminate each line just with line feed and not with carriage return/line feed. Tools like dos2unix may help.

The file format of each file should be tested by applying the program f_check.c which is also incorporated into the Opens external link in new windowBSRN Toolbox. Only files that pass this test can be imported into the WRMC. Files that fail this test will be rejected! Thus, it is recommended to test each file before it will be transferred to the WRMC. Files that pass this test successfully shall be GNU-zipped (*.gz) if possible.

Newly created station-to-archive files should be submitted to the bsrn ftp-server ( Please avoid to use the dos-promt ftp-tool since this tool is known for transfer interruptions resulting in unreadable compressed files. Each station scientist has an individual account for writing her/his file into the ftp-server. Accounts can be obtained from Amelie Driemel.

Your individual account leads you into your personal incoming directory named after your station abbreviation where you have write permission. For safety reasons you can use this account only if your computer is known in the domain name system (DNS). Please ftp your files gnu-zipped (*.gz).