General Information

All BSRN datasets retrievable via PANGAEA (see below) are subject to the Opens internal link in current windowdata release guidelines of the BSRN.

Please note, that all data (PANGAEA and ftp) are provided in UTC universal time.

Data Retrieval via PANGAEA

As an alternative to the Opens internal link in current windowftp-access to the rather complex station-to-archive files the World Radiation Monitoring Center at AWI offers data access via the Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science Opens external link in new windowPANGAEA. Within PANGAEA all monthly BSRN-files are split up into their different logical records (LR, see below).

Data Quality

The station scientists are responsible for the quality of their submitted data. Within the archive all incoming data are format-checked and visualized. Files with the most obvious errors are not imported into the archive but are returned to the submitter. Although this procedures insures the basic integrity of the data set, detailed quality checks of the archived data and resulting quality flags have not yet been applied to the data. Thus, the

WRMC highly recommends that all users do their own quality checks of the data after extracting BSRN-data!!!

Since the beginning of 2012 the WRMC offers a BSRN-Toolbox which can be used to perform these QC checks. Any user who finds questionable data should inform the WRMC staff (Opens window for sending emailAmelie Driemel) about the problem so the data can be double checked. If the problem is severe, the WRMC staff will contact the corresponding station scientists for corrections. If the corrected data cannot be submitted within a reasonable period of time, the questionable data will be deleted from PANGAEA, and a warning will be given in the corresponding station directory of the ftp-archive.

Available Data Summaries