Data Warehouse Example

  • Getting all datasets obtaining ozone data from Neumayer by clicking the "X" in the column "ALL" at the row "Neumayer Station" at A long list of single datasets will get displayed.
  • You will see the green button "Data Warehouse" just below the login area (see screenshot).
  • A click on this button leads you into the Data Warehouse showing just the parameter you are looking for. Choose DATE/TIME (no average) and Ozone total [DU].
  • Start your query by clicking on the button "Start Data Warehouse Query".
  • A window will pop up offering to open or download the file "" on your local computer. Choose download.
  • You may open this file in any text-editor, or visualization software you like. I prefer PanPlot.
Please note: ! Averaging data with the Data Warehouse has to be done with utmost care, the averaging process does not take data gaps into account, see figure below
The averaging process of the Data Warehouse is a simple arithmetic averaging over the existing data, which - in the case of data gaps - may result in undesirable results. This is especially true for measurements with strong diurnal changes such as SWD. If e.g. only night measurements are available for the respective day, the daily mean will be zero (see upper part of the figure).