BSRN related short movies can be collected here. In case of problems to run the movies try VLC. If you will contribute, please send your movie (or link) to Amelie Driemel.

Web-Cam on solar tracker at Neumayer 2012-04-05

At Neumayer a web-cam is installed on the solar tracker measuring the direct radiation. The movie starts at around sunrise when the pyrheliometer (CGR4) is affected by horar frost. It gets cleaned shortly before 9:00 UTC. Antemeridian, parts of a halo and diamond dust is visable. Shortly before sunset strong halo effects (sundogs) show up. These kind of movies help to interprete pyrheliometer measurements and to distinguish between cloud effect and shadows caused by local obstrutions.

Dome Concordia albedo-rack

This movie - taken from Dome Concordia albedo-rack -  gives a good impression about the surface reflectance anisotropy during clear sky days in central Antarctica. For more information please contact Christian Lanconelli.