The state of affairs

Number of stations

At present, 51 BSRN stations are in operation, 16 stations are temporarily or permanently closed, 9 are declared as inactive and some stations still have candidate status. The stations measure different sets of radiation values. Some stations carry out only 'basic measurements' (see Update of the Technical Plan for BSRN Data Management) or the measurements list. Other stations carry out 'other measurements' in addition to the 'basic measurements'. Part of the stations also perform synoptic observations, upperair soundings, ozone measurements and 'expanded measurements'.

The establishment of additional stations is in preparation. Some of these stations should be in operation within the current year.


The BSRN database is based on Opens external link in new windowPANGAEA. This Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science is an Open Access library aimed at archiving, publishing and distributing georeferenced data from Earth system research. Data can be found by using the PANGAEA search engine or through Opens external link in new windowlinks on this web pages. The data description (metadata) of all data sets are visible and include the principle investigators (PI) name and email for contact. The on-line data access is offered to anybody who accepts the data release guidelines (please contact Amelie Driemel.)


Additionally to the web-based PANGAEA access the original station-to-archive files (without derived quantities and quality flags) can be obtained via the Again, for data access please contact Amelie Driemel.