BSRN 2020 Interim virtual workshop, Oct 1st

The previous date for the 16th BSRN Scientific Review and Workshop - Bologna, Italy: June 29-July 3, 2020 did not work out due to the Corona restrictions.

In order to go beyond the deadlock caused by Covid-19, a virtual meeting was held to host the following two sessions: 1) candidate station proposals, 2) Working group reports. About 50 people attended in the first session and about 60 in the second session.

The presentations and meeting agenda can be found at:!AgHBAIpuwoNFgYhNyS_wBoTubh9-ew?e=dzxacb


Old/outdated description just for information purposes:

Dr. Angelo Lupi and his colleagues gently offered  to host the 16th BSRN Meeting, which will be held at newly established Institute of Polar Sciences (, an institute of the Italian National Research Council's.
Dr. Angelo Lupi is the station-scientist of the Dome-C Antarctica BSRN site, operating since 2006.
A dedicated informative site will be available soon. Please stay tuned (and register to bsrn-user mailing list).