2008 - 2012

Ellsworth Dutton Dawn Erlich and Peter van Oevelen (GEWEX Project Office) send (2012-10-15) the following mail to the BSRN-participants: It is with great sadness that I inform you that Ellsworth Dutton died last Thursday. Ells had an enormous influence on the success of BSRN as its first and only chair. He has guided the activities of BSRN as its Chair since 1992, and largely through his efforts, the Project became a world class measurement network. He will be greatly missed as a friend and colleague by all.
Joe Michalsky has kindly volunteered to be the interim chair for BSRN. 
Presentions of 12th BSRN Workshop are online (2012-09-11) The summary report from the 11th BSRN Scientific Review and Workshop from 13-16 April 2010 at Queenstown, New Zealand is available at: http://www.wcrp-climate.org/documents/bsrn-12_report.pdf. New BSRN-Toolbox including quality checks released (2012-01-30) Files containing quality code of many BSRN data can be obtained by using a new version of the BSRN Toolbox. For more information see quality checks and/or http://wiki.pangaea.de/wiki/BSRN_Toolbox#Quality_Check.  12th BSRN Scientific Review and Workshop 1-3 August 2012 The meeting will be hosted by AWI Research Unit in Potsdam, Germany, 1-3 August 2012, at the 'Albert Einstein Science Park' in Potsdam.  This meeting will be the week before the International Radiation Commission's quadrennial Symposium (IRS-2012) to be held in Berlin so we are anticipating some people planning on attending both meetings.  Considering some overlap in interests and presentations between the two meetings, the BSRN meeting is shortened by one day from usual to compensate for this overlap and the total length of the two meetings. Cooperating Network with NDACC (2011-07-7)
BSRN and the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC, http://www.ndacc.org/ ) have reached a formal agreement to become cooperative networks.  This action was initiated with an invitation from NDACC to BSRN to become a Cooperating Network with the NDACC program.  This relationship is intended to help promote the mutual interests of the two networks, which include modification of the earth's radiation budget by the natural and anthropogenic related variations in the composition of the atmosphere. The modes of operation of the two networks will remain the same with an emphasis on the cross reference and mutual access to the networks' data bases. Japan (2011-03-15)
The World Radiation Monitoring Center received a mail from Osamu IJIMA, Chief of Radiation Section, Atmospheric Environment Division, Global Environment and Marine Department, Japan Meteorological Agency that contain the sentences: "Fortunately, my colleagues (e.g. Minamitorishima's staffs) and family have no damage". PangaWiki
The first pages within the PangaWiki concerning the WRMC are ready. Please feel free to visit and contribute to: http://wiki.pangaea.de/wiki/WRMC. BSRN within the International Polar Year (IPY)
Within the BSRN 6 polar BSRN-stations performend radiation measurements during the IPY periode between March 2007 to March 2009. To make the BSRN contributon to the IPY more visable a single link (parent) containing all links (childs) to any of the BSRN-IPY datasets is now available at: http://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.737668.  Any user who accepts the BSRN data release guidelines may ask Amelie Driemel to obtain an account to download these datasets. The 11. BSRN workshop
The 11. BSRN Scientific Review and Workshop was held in Queenstown, New Zealand, from 13–16 April 2010. Next BSRN-Workshop (2010)
The next BSRN workshop and science review meeting is being planned for the week of 12 April 2010 in Queenstown, New Zealand (see meetings). January 2009
The web-pages from ETH Zurich got offline. 7–11 July 2008: BSRN-Workshop
10th Science and Review Workshop for the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN), De Bilt, The Netherlands (see meetings).
2 June 2008: www.bsrn.awi.de gets online
The new web-pages at www.bsrn.awi.de are about ready and online. The web-pages at the ETH are still active. After a certain transition time a redirect from ETH to AWI will be set.  1 June 2008: First station-to-archive-files reach ftp.bsrn.awi.de
After each station director received its individual login for writing new station-to-archive files into the new incoming part of the ftp-server ftp.bsrn.awi.de the data flow starts and is increasing. The new files will be imported into the outgoing part of the ftp-server and PANGAEA within the next weeks. 27 May 2008: ETHZ stops taking new files
ETH Zürich do not accept new station-to-archive files any longer. All station scientists are asked to ftp new files to ftp.bsrn.awi.de. Files already sent to ETH Zürich do not have to be submitted a second time. Please send gnu.zipped (*.gz) files if possible. 1 May 2008: New WRMC starts test phase
The transition of the WRMC from ETH Zürich to AWI is progressing. Data can be obtained from the Publishing Network for Geoscientific & Environmental Data PANGAEA and the new ftp-server: ftp.bsrn.awi.de. The new ftp-server is browser-accessible but an access via an UNIX ftp-tool is recommended. The former read account is still valid. Due to the transition of the archive most recent data are frequently missing. They will be available as soon as possible.