2017 - 2018

2018-07-16: Chuck Long hands over his responsibilities as Project Manager

As Chuck Long retires at the end of 2018 he hands over the responsibilites of BSRN Project Manager to Christian Lanconelli, former station scientist of station DOM and now working at the European Comission, Joint Research Centre.


On friday, 2017-01-20, the former WRMC director Atsumu Ohmura visited the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven. For the first time, three generations of WRMC directors met: Atsumu Ohmura (1992-2008 WRMC director at the ETH Zurich), Gert König-Langlo (2008-2017 WRMC director at the AWI Bremerhaven) and Amelie Driemel (since 2017 WRMC director at the AWI Bremerhaven). The fruitful and amicable exchange gives hope for a long lasting continuation of the WRMC and its invaluable observation data. Thanks to all stations contributing to the BSRN!

2017: Gert König-Langlo, Lamine Boulkelia, David Longenecker and Klaus Behrens retired

Four BSRN members retired this year after long and fruitful work for our network: Gert König-Langlo, WRMC director 2008-2017 and GVN station manager as well as Lamine Boulkelia, responsible for data from Tamanrasset station since 2000 both retired in April. David Longenecker, station manager and responsible for data from many US stations, and Klaus Behrens, station manager of Lindenberg retired in September. Thanks for your great contribution and long membership within BSRN, we wish you all the best!

2017-02-03: Chuck Long asked to participate in the “De-Icing Comparison Experiment”

The objective of the D-ICE campaign is to determine the configuration (of those tested) best able to keep domes clear of ice and snow in a range of conditions with the least impact on the measurements (and least resources used). If you are interested in participating, or perhaps know someone else or some other organization that might be interested, please contact Chris Cox (christopher.j.cox@noaa.gov) and/or Sara Crepinsek (sara.crepinsek@noaa.gov).

2017-01-01: Amelie Driemel took over the duty as WRMC director from Gert König-Langlo

Gert König-Langlo will retire within the next coming months. Dr. Amelie Driemel took over the duty as the director of the World Radiation Monitoring Center (WRMC).