BSRN 2020 Interim virtual workshop took place on Oct 1st 2020.The previous date for the 16th BSRN Scientific Review and Workshop - Bologna, Italy: June 29-July 3, 2020 did not work out due to the Corona restrictions. For more information see Meetings.



We wish to express our collective grief in the wake of Chuck Long’s death on 21 November 2019. Chuck was a noted participant with BSRN and ultimately succeeded Ellsworth Dutton as manager of the network in 2014, maintaining that role until retirement in 2018 (pic1, pic2). He was a cherished colleague, guide, mentor, and good friend to all. Some of us have known Chuck since the nineties, during the early years of the BSRN; others met him later, but we were all immediately taken with his innovative and practical approach to science, and especially the kindness in his interactions with others.

Chuck left us an impressive and unique scientific and technical heritage, which we honor by striving to carry on our common passion: increasing humanity’s knowledge of Earth’s radiation balance.

We are close to his family with our sincerest condolences

RIP, Chuck. We miss you.