The BSRN within the IPY

At the "Eleventh Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) Meeting" in Queenstown, New Zealand, from 13-16 April 2010, the idea came up to make the BSRN more visible within the International Polar Year which took place between March 2007 to March 2009. From the following BSRN stations datasets with relation to the IPY are availabe:

Arctic: Barrow (BAR), Ny-Alesund (NYA),

Antarctic: Georg von Neumayer (GVN), Syowa (SYO), Concordia Station (DOM), South Pole (SPO).

The datasets contain many continuously measured surface radiation fluxes (global, direct, diffuse, reflex, long-wave downward, long-wave upward) averaged over one minute. Additionally, some station offer supplementary datasets like synoptic observations, upper air soundings, dobson values and ceilometer data.

A single link (parent) containing all links (childs) to any of the BSRN-IPY datasets is freely available at: