Software for station-to-archive files

Each station scientist is responsible to create his/her own station-to-archive file. Since this process differs dramatically from station to station, no special software is offered to create these files. In case help is needed, please contact other Opens external link in new windowstation scientists to share ideas, programs, etc.

As soon as the station-to-archive file is ready to submit to the WRMC please use f_check for format control. After this format check please compress your files using gnuzip (*.gz).

Most scientists have their own software to handle station-to-archive-files downloaded from the WRMC. If you want to share your self-developed software freely with other scientists, please send it to Amelie Driemel. She will put links on this page accordingly.

Software for PANGAEA-derived data sets

The tab-delimeted PANGAEA derived data sets can be visualized or postprozessed by many standard spreadsheet programs like EXCEL, etc. In addition, PANGAEA offers certain software which can be used for any PANGAEA derived datafile. The software is available free of charge. Time series can be visualised easily with Opens internal link in current windowPanPlot2. For vectorized data sets, e.g. for upper air soundings, Opens internal link in current windowOcean Data View is recommended.  In future software for quality management will be offered on this page.

Hints for "Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion" users

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is featuring the so called Gatekeeper. It’s a new setting, aimed at both security and peace of mind. Essentially Gatekeeper will be giving users three options for controlling apps:
  1. Only allow applications from the Mac App Store
  2. Allow Mac App Store apps and those from identified developers
  3. Allow any app
By default, the second option is chosen, allowing apps from the Mac App Store to run, as well as those from identified developers. This second option is supported by all programs developed by the PANGAEA Team. You can install and use programs like Pan2Applic, PanTool2, and Split2Events without any problems on Mac OS X 10.8. Opens external link in new window Opens external link in new window Opens external link in new window